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Frank Force
Frank Force

Austin, TX

I make programs that make art. Most of my shots use code shorter then this bio! I also make indie games, music, tools, and other fun stuff. ✌️

3d graphics, animation, c, creative direction, data visualization, game design, generative art, javascript, programming, vfx

  1. Tunnel Of Love 💕 biology tinycode loop animation javascript
  2. Misty Forest 🌲 tinycode javascript loop animation
  3. Particle Accelerator loop javascript animation
  4. Keep My Heart Pumping 💓 blood generative loop animation javascript
  5. ZzFX - Zuper Zmall Zound Zynth webdev javascript
  6. Behind The Castle 🏰 animation tinycode generative javascript
  7. Palm Sunset Fireworks animation tinycode javascript
  8. Cube Wall tinycode generative javascript
  9. Buddhabrot buddhabrot fractal generative javascript
  10. Triangle Fractal fractal tinycode javascript
  11. TECHNO 💿 typography techno loop animation javascript
  12. Mandelbrot Nebulae 🚀 fractal animation javascript
  13. DISCO typography loop animation javascript
  14. Mandelbrot Stars + Code mandelbrot fractal animation javascript
  15. Buddhabrot Rendering buddhabrot fractal animation javascript
  16. Anti-Buddhabrot Rainbow 🌈 fractal tinycode javascript
  17. Mandelbrot Sunflowers abstract javascript generative
  18. Two Buddhabrots ☸ Plus Code buddhabrot fractal javascript
  19. Generative Art shadertoy abstract generative zzart javascript
  20. Generative Glassware procedural generative tinycode javascript
  21. Hue Jumper - A 2 kilobyte JavaScript game! synthwave retro games javascript animation
  22. City Sunset city tinycode generative javascript
  23. City Outskirts tinycode generative animation javascript
  24. Flux Capacitor Icon back to the future flux capacitor flux 80s icon film dribbbleweeklywarmup
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